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Elven-, fairy- and faun ears ... you can find it all in our shop:)

We offer high quality, detailed, sculpted ears, with skintone HUD and accessories/size/tattoo/color changing features via easy-to-use menu.

Please check out our ears on SLX or inworld: MW illusion store.

Have a nice day:)

Mamut Windlow
owner and creator - MW illusion

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...


Yes, earthling, Im an NDE
so I actually know God exists:
He rewards those who HONOR n RESPECT
Him and strive to follow His Laws;
for those who wanna know what
Seventh-Heaven holds for your
indelible, magnificent soul whom
God has so carefully crafted
(and if you're not too concerned
with WWIII and N. Korea,
you better follow us):

Find-out what RCIA means and join.
God bless your indelible soul.

PS denying Hell will not prevent
U.S. from falling INTO Hellfire:

Jesus is the Just Judge;
He only 'reads' what OUR past,
mortal lifetime consisted of.
so... I'd strongly urge you to read
'Lui et moi' by Gabrielle Bossis
(a French writer, translated, into
a must have for anyone who wannsta
grow UP in our predestined
relationship determined by YOU).

Make Your Choice -SAW

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Let this be your catalyst to Seventh-Heaven:

'The more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague
(<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

Love him or leave him...
ya best lissen to the Don;
if you deny o'er-the-Hillary's evil,
which most whorizontalites do,
you cannot deny Hellfire
which YOU send YOURSELF to.

Yes, earthling, I was an NDE:
the sights were beyond extreme.
Choose Jesus.
You'll be most happy you did.
God bless your indelible soul.

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