Oldies - part two - The GEN02

MW illusion ears - GEN02

Ears with nice chains and earrings ... classical style for girls and boys

General information
- 3 version (without jewels, with piercing, with chains)
- attached as separate right and left ear, so you can wear in many variations
- 28 colour skintones with scripted control menu, which are compatible with the most of quality skins
- size control with scripted menu
- free angle positioned ears

How can use:

- rezz it the box, copy the items in your inventory, and wear them
- if you need to prevent the problems, please take a copy for these items before use them
- you can change the size and the colour with one touch on your new ears
- for the best result, choose the minimum ears' size at the appearance menu.
- Enjoy your new ears!

you can buy via slx or in our inworld shop:)
price: 290L

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